At Least 4 Synagogues Were Vandalized By BLM/Antifa

The riots might also be the single biggest wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes in 24 hours since the Crown Heights Pogrom in the nineties.

As I noted previously, Congregation Beth El on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles had been vandalized with graffiti. Elder of Ziyon's Twitter feed shows that in addition, Beit Medrash Kehilat Yaakov, also known as Rabbi Bess' shul, and Rabbi Ganzweig's Shul in Los Angeles were spray painted. Also Beth Ahabah, a Reform Temple in Richmond Virginia, had its windows shattered by the rioting thugs.

Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa have clear anti-Semitic ideologies. The vandalism of multiple synagogues ought to be part of the discussion about their climate of violence and hate.