Majority of Dems Want Mandatory Outdoor Face Masks

There's the science of face masks and the culture of face masks.

The argument for outdoor face masks is terrible when it comes to science, but very much a matter of culture. And that's where the split between Republicans and Democrats gets interesting.

Fifty-two percent of Republican voters support mandatory face masks in some type of public spaces, with 27 percent saying both indoor and outdoor, and 25 percent saying indoor only.

Eighty-one percent of Democrats support mandatory face masks in some public capacity, including 52 percent for both indoor and outdoor spaces and 31 percent for indoors only.

Republican voters were more than twice as likely as Democrats to say wearing face masks in public should be recommended but not mandatory, at 31 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

Leaving things up to people? That's crazy. What is this America or something.

Masks are dubious, in indoor or outdoor spaces, but while there's some argument for them in indoor spaces, there's really no argument for them in outdoor spaces. They serve no function whatsoever except virus virtue signaling.

And Democrats are, obviously, the group that is most likely to engage in pointless virtue signaling over the pandemic.


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