Media Reopening Opponents Resort to Conspiracy Theories

The media has been deemed essential by the politicians who want positive media coverage so it has nothing to lose and everything to gain from perpetually maintaining the shutdown. Its operatives are free to work while much of the population is indoors and consuming media content. It's a mediatopia. And the only thing that can stop it is the country reopening.

That would not only rob the media of its newfound power, but reelect President Trump. And that mustn't be allowed.

With Irish Democracy taking hold even in Dem strongholds, and states like Georgia and Florida successfully reopening, despite media hysteria, e.g. "an experiment in human sacrifice", the media is resorting to conspiracy theories.

The media has begun rolling out conspiracy theories claiming that the real death toll is being covered up.

First, it built a fake scandal around a "data scientist" in Florida being fired because she wouldn't cover up the real numbers. The "scientist" turned out to be a woman who had built a dashboard displaying numbers. Now there are claims that the CDC is covering up the real numbers. All this means is that the media is entering the final stage of denial, conspiracy theories.