New York Taxpayers Have to Wear Masks, Not Welfare Takers

In blue cities and states, rules only apply to taxpayers and citizens, not to welfare takers and illegals. 

While New York City rolled out a ruthless crackdown, especially targeting the religious Jewish community, enforcing a mask diktat when walking outside, never mind when entering a facility, those rules don't apply to Mayor Bill de Blasio's base.

To help contain the spread of COVID-19, the city social service agency had plastered bluntly worded signs at the entrances of welfare offices across the five boroughs: “In order to enter this building, you must wear a face-covering or a mask.”

On Friday, the Human Resources Administration reversed course after a pair of clashes at a Bronx facility — ordering the signs to be taken down and declaring that clients who refuse to wear a mask would be allowed in.

Rules don't apply to criminals and assorted other folks likely to be patronizing Bronx welfare offices. They only apply to the law abiding.

The change apparently stems from two incidents within the last 10 days at a Bronx welfare office where clients refused HRA workers’ instructions to cover their faces or accept free masks that were offered.

Both were ejected after HRA peace officers intervened. One was issued a summons after allegedly threatening to kill the officers.

This is what the welfare class looks like in real life. More free stuff is clearly needed.

At around 8:30 a.m. Monday, client Jermaine Gaddy, 43, walked past the “face-covering” sign, written in English and Spanish, at the entrance to the Crotona Jobs Center and HRA office on Monterey Avenue, according to an internal HRA report obtained by THE CITY.

The report offered this account: Workers at the entrance offered Gaddy a free mask. He refused to take it and proceeded to the second-floor reception area. Workers there told him he had to wear a face covering or they could not help him.

He became “irate,” and HRA peace officers were summoned, the report reads. When he refused to leave the building, he was handcuffed.

Gaddy then became “non-compliant,” and made “repeated verbal threat(s)” to the officers, stating, “When I see you I’m going to beat the s—t out of you and then kill you.”

According to the report, Gaddy was not arrested, but was instead issued a summons for trespassing, harassment and disorderly conduct. He refused to take the summons and hollered “Take me to Rikers!”

NYPD officers were summoned. When the cops arrived, Gaddy took his summons and departed with a return-to-court date of August, the report said. A call Friday to a number listed for Gaddy was not returned.

Don't worry. He'll be released to protect him from the coronavirus.