1619 Project Author Claims Africans Visited America Before Columbus, Used Ancient African Technology

The New York Times and the Pulitzer Center would be negligent if they did not include this piece of racial supremacist historical revisionism in their 1619 Project curriculum. 

Jordan Davidson apparently dug up a college letter by Nicole Hannah-Jones, the black nationalist behind the New York Times' 1619 Project, which reads like the sort of thing that a crazed bigot would write.

"The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager and theft of the modern world," Jones rants. "Christopher Columbus and those like him were no different than Hitler. The crimes they committed were unnecessarily cruel and can only be described as acts of the devil."

Then she goes on to blame Columbus for the ghettos while insisting that "descendants of these savage people pump drugs and guns into the Balck (sic) community" and claims that she doesn't hate white people, while calling them barbaric devils.

But before that, Jones moves from bigotry to Hotep stuff.

"Africans had been to the Americas long before Columbus or any Europeans. The difference is that Africans had the decency and respect for human life to learn from the Native Americans and trade technology with them. The pyramids of the Aztecs and the great stone heads of the Olmecs are lasting monuments to the friendship of these two peoples."

Interesting... theory.

The Aztecs and the Olmecs were both known for being peaceful, unlike the horrible barbaric Europeans. And African civilizations were so peaceful that they had a massive trade in slaves captured in war.

But never mind that.,,

Nicole Hannah-Jones essentially claims that the Aztecs and the Olmecs got some of the defining features of their civilization from African "technology". That's obviously insulting to the "indigenous" peoples of the region. The pyramid reference is obviously going to be Egypt, whose population was not 'black in the sense Jones means, but has been at the center of assorted ancient Egyptian technology conspiracy theories among black nationalists.

It's a good thing that no one in the media will ask Nicole Hannah-Jones what she believes about ancient African technology today and Africans visiting South America.

And then there's the Olmec to African revisionist history that Jones references, which falsely claims that African immigrants had set up the Olmec civilization because, well some of the giant heads look African. 

This sort of stuff is already taught in a lot of black studies courses in colleges. Now there'll be pressure to mainstream it into actual history courses.


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