The American Museum of Natural History Purges Its Most Famous Patron

President Theodore Roosevelt was a great naturalist and he came by it naturally. His father was one of the founders of the American Museum of Natural History, and while no great monument was ever erected to him in New York City, the museum's Roosevelt rotunda and the giant statue of Roosevelt outside were the next best things to it. But, of course, the cultural revolution came calling.

And the American Museum of Natural History quickly surrendered, asking that one of the most distinctive statues in the city that isn't holding a torch, be purged.

Roosevelt was a progressive hero and symbol, and the men who worked on the statue and the rotunda were progressives. While the cultural revolution was objecting to the African and Indian standing at Roosevelt's side, they were intended to symbolize the harmony of the races. But symbols of tolerance are yet another hate crime.

The statue now being purged is the work of James Earle Fraser, who had been responsible for many iconic depictions of the West, along with classic American sculptures, including those decorating the Supreme Court, and the Buffalo Head nickel.