California City to Take Down Statue of Saint Known as 'Apostle of California' 

Father Junípero Serra was canonized in 2015. He's known as the Apostle of California for founding many of the Spanish missions.

The Left has repeatedly attacked the statue. Now the City of Ventura is getting rid of it and, in a truly surreal letter, would like it handled "peacefully".

"We've listened and have heard the calls from those in the community who believe the time has come for the statue to be taken down and moved to a more appropriate non-public location," the letter claims.

There's no listening to anyone else.

"We all believe that this should be accomplished without force, without anger, and through a collaborative peaceful process," it adds.

We've surrendered to the thugs. Now we'd just like them to let us destroy our own cultural heritage without getting too angry at us.

As usual the voices of those who disagree won't be heard.