California Now Boycotting 12 States, 76 Million Americans

The Secessionist People's Republic of California or (SPRC) for short is boycotting much of the country because it doesn't like their values. Back when I first wrote about it in 2017, the SPRC was only boycotting 8 states, including Kentucky, over Charlie Brown.

Still Assembly Bill 1887, by Assemblyman Evan Low, who represents Silicon Valley causing it to be dubbed the “Silicon Curtain”, led directly to banning travel to Kentucky because of Charlie Brown. 

The story begins with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when the W.R. Castle Elementary School in Johnson County, Kentucky deleted Linus reading passages from the New Testament. The ACLU took an anti-Charlie position. The Charlie Brown Bill was introduced to protect the religious freedom of students in Kentucky schools. The ACLU again objected. The bill passed over furious Democrat opposition.

Lefty publications dubbed it an anti-gay bill even though there was no mention of homosexuality anywhere in it. Then California included Kentucky on its list of banned states along with Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. That’s eight states compromising some 70 million people whom California officials aren’t allowed to visit.

13 more states have religious freedom laws on the books of the kind that California would object to. At that rate, the People’s Republic of California will be boycotting 21 states and 150 million people.

Not yet, but it's getting there

Attorney General Xavier Becerra has added Idaho to a list of 11 other states where state-funded travel isn't allowed because he determined that they violate a California law.

Becerra on Monday cited two new laws that he says allow discrimination against transgender people.

One repeals protections enabling transgender students to compete on athletic teams consistent with their gender identity.

Which means letting men dominate women's support. Why do California Democrats hate women? And America.

The Silicon Curtain is currently up to 12 states and 76 million Americans. That's a whole lot of people and the People's Republic of California could simplify the problem by seceding from the United States and applying to join the People's Republic of China.


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