DEFUND THE POLICE: 17 Shot in New York in 12 Hours

"Hello, 911? 17 people have been shot. Send all your social workers and non-violent conflict resolution specialists."

One man was killed and at least 17 other people injured in 13 unrelated shootings across the Big Apple during a troubling 12-hour span, police said Saturday.

If only there was some armed government body that could stop things like this...

Three women and a man were injured when a fight broke out between “two large groups” gathered near the northern edge of Claremont Park and two men began shooting, police said. Joan Perez, 26, was wounded in his left foot, Jopis Acevedo, 28, suffered a gunshot wound to her right foot, Celyne Picharo, 21, was grazed by a bullet on her back, and Wednolin Ortiz, 19, was also shot in her left foot, according to police sources.

A second group of young people — two men in their 20s and two females, one of whom is 16 — were shot about a mile-and-a-half from the park around 5 a.m. when a suspect approached and pulled a gun, police said. All were taken to area hospitals in stable condition, according to police.

Good thing there's no more stopping and frisking, and no undercover units, or preemptive action being taken to stop minority members of the public from being shot at. This crushing blow to the white supremacist institution known as the NYPD is racking up minority lives.

But Latino lives don't matter.

“They’ve handcuffed the police officers,” one source told The Post. “Cops are not going to risk their job and put themselves out on the line and possibly get arrested. Everybody watches the news and they know right now everything is leaning toward the Black Lives activists and their complaints. These cops are not going to do anything. None of them are. It has nothing to do with the crime team. These cops are worried about going to jail if they do something. It’s not worth the risk. If they want to kill themselves, then let them. It’s all about job security at this point.”

“We’re turning into Chicago,” the source continued. “This is what the public advocates. This is what everyone wants. The public are the ones who are going to suffer from it and cops are going to keep their hands in their pockets and you can’t blame them.”

Asked why the shootings are through the roof, a Bronx police source said, “Cops are finally listening to the public’s voice. Cops have taken a reactive position for a few years now. But now cops have taken a ‘who gives a f—’ approach. ‘”

Enjoy all the police "reforms" and the "criminal justice reforms" and the national police misconduct databases. And good luck when calling 911 if you're in a major urban area. It's all gonna be CHAZ now. But your taxes will still keep going up to pay for the police defunding.


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