Dems to Filibuster GOP Rioter Appeasement Bill

No appeasement goes unpunished.

The Senate GOP decided to respond to racists and radicals burning and looting their way across the country, and occasionally setting up separatist states, by trying to appease them with an anti-police bill. Now the Democrats are threatening to filibuster it because it doesn't go far enough leaving the GOP with the agonizing challenge of figuring out how to pass a bill that gives the Dems only 10% of what they want, but doesn't actually abolish the police or turn over every city to Warlord Raz.

This is like a guy trying to convince a mugger to take his wallet, but leave his car.

Senate Democrats are strongly signaling they will filibuster Republicans’ police reform bill later this week absent more concessions from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Kentucky Republican set the Senate on a path to consider the legislation on Wednesday and must lure at least seven Democrats to support even opening debate on a GOP bill written without any Democratic input. So far, few Democrats have expressed any interest.

Both parties raced to put together legislation in response to George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police and the nationwide protests that followed. But they do not seem to be in a mood to compromise in the middle of a pandemic and with an election in a little more than four months.

Democrats oppose the legislation written by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) as inadequate, saying it lacks the strong federal orders needed to spur police departments to change their actions on racial profiling and use of force. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called the GOP bill “deeply and fundamentally flawed” on Monday.

The GOP could jettison this turkey and move on to dealing with the country's actual needs, instead of trying to unconstitutionally manage local police departments, which is not its job, and, apart from lefties, isn't actually being demanded by anyone.

And can only alienate its base.

Or it can work to pass this thing in order to try and stop Dem attacks that it doesn't care. So it's business as usual with the GOP having to negotiate how hard it will have to appease Democrats to pass legislation that the Democrats want.

Meanwhile the mobs are trashing America's cultural heritage, unopposed, and with no legislative response from the GOP.


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