Ford, Johnny Walker, Breyers, Clorox, Coke Join Effort to Force Facebook to Censor Conservatives

It would be nice if conservatives paid a fraction of the attention to what Corporate America is doing to conservatives that they do to Antifa. But it's not a sexy subject. So I get it. Antifa is exciting. Coke, Ford, and some of the biggest multinational brands pressuring Facebook to censor conservatives is boring. 

And so the noose tightens. 

To paraphrase Lenin, we're the ones buying the rope with which they're strangling us

The exodus of major advertisers from Facebook continues to grow as the company weathers criticism over its handling of racist, violent and other hateful rhetoric on the platform.

That's media speak for conservative content and material from President Trump.

On Monday, Ford became one of the latest companies to pause social media advertising when it announced a 30-day halt. Another major brand, Pepsi, is reportedly weighing a similar move, following Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Unilever and dozens of other brands shifting their ad dollars away from Facebook.

The brands said they are standing up against hate speech. Clorox, for instance, said it will stop all advertising on Facebook through December because "we feel compelled to take action against hate speech."

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny over its handling of recent posts by President Trump. After weeks of a staunch hands-off approach, CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday reversed course as a parade of brands began severing their ties with the company. Zuckerberg said Facebook will put warning labels on posts that break its rules, even if they are newsworthy, opening the door to potentially labeling posts by Trump.

Unilever comprises everything from Breyers to Dove to Lipton and a whole lot of others.

Diageo has also recently joined. That covers Johnny Walker, Guiness, and a whole lot of other liquour brands. 

The odds are good that 75% of the brands you will encounter while visiting your local supermarket are in on this boycott.


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