Governor Newsom Wants To Free More Criminals

California just doesn't have enough crime and looting yet. Governor Newsom would like to release a fresh supply of criminals.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday that the state hopes to expedite the release of several thousand low-risk inmates at state prisons such as San Quentin that have seen outbreaks of the COVID-19 coronavirus in their populations.

State courts are currently reviewing a cohort of about 3,500 inmates in the state prison system who have been targeted as candidates for early release during the coronavirus pandemic.

We've already seen that the term 'low-risk' is meaningless. And the claims of mass deaths behind bars has also proven groundless.

The Chino facility had approximately 500 active cases at the time and had reported 13 deaths due to the virus. CDCR data now has those figures at 854 confirmed cases, 495 of them active, and 16 deaths.

16 deaths is not a crisis.

Freeing thousands of criminals will harm far more innocent people than that.

But we are dealing with the same governor who forced skilled nursing facilities to accept coronavirus patients.