HBO Max Buries Mohammed South Park Episodes Alongside Gone With the Wind

HBO Max must really hate slave owners. 

All 23 seasons of the Comedy Central animation South Park are available on HBO Max – except for five episodes that depict Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Sources tell Deadline the missing episodes were not part of the 23-season package shopped by Viacom to streamers last year, and Viacom had made the decision to exclude them in agreement with series producer South Park Studios before the show was licensed to HBO Max.

The controversial episodes violate a widespread Islamic belief that depictions of Muhammad or any of the other prophets of Islam are forbidden, as they encourage the worship of idols. The prohibitions cover images, drawings, statues and cartoons.

Christians and Jews have their own beliefs, but they're not entitled to have them respected. Hindus weren't fond of South Park depictions either. But their beliefs don't matter.

Only some religions matter.

The episodes not available on HBO Max include season five’s Super Best Friends and season 14’s 200 and 201. Those shows had previously been removed from a streaming deal with Hulu and also were axed on the official South Park website.

But maybe HBO Max can pull a Gone With the Wind, bring them back on the condition that viewers are forced to watch a one-hour panel of social justice experts calling them racists.