Justice Roberts Decides Obama is Still President

Illegal isn't even the word for this absurdity.

Obama decided to unilaterally implement an amnesty for some illegal aliens, or as the media falsely calls them "young immigrants". While officially Obama was using discretion, in practice he rolled out an entire system for allowing DACA aliens to function as if they were legally here. This was completely outside the powers of the executive. And Justice Roberts was fine with that.

When President Trump tossed the amnesty aside, which only executed through Obama's orders, the Left announced that Trump had no right to undo Obama's unilateral act. Now Justice Roberts and the usual Dem justices have agreed that Obama is still POTUS.

Roberts claims that his decision is about process. This is the same scam that he pulled with what is probably the most fatal loss of the Trump era, when it came to putting citizenship on the census. It's not about process. It's about political correctness.

Justice Roberts is helping Democrats police what he considers violations of assorted progressive causes, and this is the second time he wrongly used process to protect illegal aliens. Both were utterly outrageous decisions that nullified the separation of powers and executive authority. As bad as previous courts were, Roberts has taken the SCOTUS in the direction of suppressing executive authority when it's used to carry out policies that political elites disapproved of. This is, in many ways, more troubling than previous SCOTUS abuses.

The Roberts court is essentially going along with at least some of the judicial sabotage engaged in by Obama and Clinton judges whose only purpose is to wrongly override the authority of an executive whom they oppose.

Franco may still be dead, but according to Justice Roberts, Obama is still in the Oval Office.


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