LA Jewish Federation Boss Worries Attacks on Synagogues Will Distract From Black Lives Matter

Despicable and typical.

After stories about the pogrom in LA began getting out, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Forward, which has run multiple anti-Semitic stories in defense of its lefty allies, rushed to perform damage control for the anti-Semitic rioters and looters.

Jay Sanderson, president and chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles said that he has been fielding worried calls from Jewish leaders across the country and from Israel.

“They’re offering, ‘What can I do to help you?’” said Sanderson. “I’m like, Help me do what?”

Multiple synagogues and schools were vandalized, many businesses were looted. And Jay Sanderson wonders, "Do what?" Help deal them deal with the damage. Try to hold the perpetrators accountable. The sort of things an actual Jewish organization, instead of a Tikkun Olam factory of lefty causes, would do.

“There’s a tremendous amount of disinformation out there, that makes the Jewish community look like it’s the victim of these protests, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Sanderson said....

Implying that it was protesters — not looters or vandals — who bore responsibility for the destruction, does disservice not only to the protesters, but also to the work of combating real antisemitic activity, Sanderson said.

Was it looters or protesters who scrawled, "F__ Israel" on a synagogue or other Black Lives Matter graffiti?

He did not deny that some of the vandalism had been overtly antisemitic. He had heard about the verbal and physical intimidation that occurred outside Baba Sale, the synagogue in the Fairfax area, which The Forward reported May 30. He had seen the defaced wall of Congregation Beth Israel.

But antisemitism is on the rise in general, Sanderson said, and the same confrontation could have happened any week.

“That happens, unfortunately, not infrequently in our Jewish community,” said the Federation president. “It’s not happening more now because of the protests.”

If you can process Sanderson's reasoning, there's so much anti-Semitism that the attacks on synagogues by people supporting Black Lives Matter and hating Israel probably could have happened at any time, and shouldn't be blamed on the protests.

Ivan Wolkind, the Los Angeles Federation’s chief operating officer, volunteers for the Los Angeles Police Department and was deployed on the night the rioting occurred.

“Quite frankly, when you consider that there were thousands of people on the street in an almost lawless environment and that two antisemitic hate crimes happened? I thought, Thank God, that’s actually a pretty good sign,” Wolkind said.

At least 8 Jewish institutions were defaced. And during the looting, there were anti-Semitic shouts.

But Wolkind's claim is bad enough. LA Jews should be grateful that only two anti-Semitic hate crimes happened during the riots. It's a "good sign". This is Alice in Wonderland level gaslighting.

Ultimately, Sanderson worried that the focus on the victimization of Jewish institutions during the riot detracted from the important matter of George Floyd’s death and the protests of police violence against black people.

We wouldn't want the anti-Semitic antics of a hate group to detract from its important message that there should be no police out there to stop them from committing hate crimes.


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