Lefties Call for Banning Cop Shows

Sure. Dump police procedurals and with them the only network shows that could potentially appeal to men. Beyond the usual feminist reworkings of Marvel and DC whose heroes will now be obligated to exclusively fight the police. But Lego jettisoned the cops. 

Now it's time for Hollywood to do likewise.

Shut down all police movies and TV shows. Now. - Washington Post

Come on guys, tell it to your own owner and his Amazon Prime lineup. Time to make Amazon Prime programs even less popular by replacing Bosch with a purple haired thing that identifies as an iguana angrily denouncing people on Twitter.

There’s no question that it would be costly for networks and studios to walk away from the police genre entirely. Canceling Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” franchise of shows would wipe out an entire night of NBC’s prime-time programming; dropping “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and a planned spinoff would cut even further into the lineup.

But would make TV so much better. That and a time machine that erased Dick Wolf from history. Wolf is to police procedurals what SNL is to comedy. 

As reality television critic Andy Dehnart points out, at ViacomCBS, cable networks chief Chris McCarthy pledged “to leverage all of our platforms to show our ally-ship.” One of those platforms also airs “Cops,” a decades-old reality show with a troubled history of participating in police censorship and peddling fear of black and brown criminals. If McCarthy means what he says, canceling “Cops” would be a start.

Or rename it Rioters and just use all the footage of thugs attacking police officers.

The closest thing to a reformist police show right now is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” a sitcom that alternates explorations of the policies and identity politics of the New York Police Department with fantastic gags and one-liners.

Series co-creator Dan Goor told me in 2016 that he hoped that the show was “Modeling what a good police-community interaction would be like.” I’ve never doubted his care in pursuing that ideal. This week, Goor and the cast donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network and announced that they “condemn the murder of George Floyd and support the many people who are protesting police brutality nationally.”

PSA, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine not only kills brain cells, but helps wreck minority owned businesses.


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