Mayor Bill de Blasio: Protests More Important Than Right to Pray

Take this one to the Supreme Court.

Here's a politician stating in black and white that leftist protests are more important than religious worship.

This is a question from Hamodia, an Orthodox Jewish publication in New York.

The Hamodia reporter asked why protesters weren't being told to stay home when retail store owners are experience "financial ruin" and people had been barred from "from attending houses of worship".

"Now you've expressed solidarity with this particular cause, is that why it's been given dispensation to disregard epidemic guidelines?" he asked Bill de Blasio.

"I know you were asked about this yesterday ad you said there's such pain and anger, and you don't want people to hear that as you're not hearing their concerns. What about the retail store owner facing imminent financial ruin or the religious person who cannot worship in their house of worship? What about their pain and anger?"

"So, Mr. Mayor, are we in a pandemic or not? And do we have one set of rules for protesters and another for everyone else?"

Bill de Blasio's response was disdainful at best. After rambling on for a bit, he opined, "When you see a nation, an entire nation, grappling with... 400 years of American racism, I'm sorry, that is not the same question as... the devout religious person who wants to go back to services."

"We're not going to treat it like ay other day."

So yes, there are two sets of rules. And lefty protesters get a pass because they are considered important and prayer isn't.