Minneapolis City Council Members Trying to Figure Out How to Disband the Police

After Abolish ICE, the new lefty slogan is, Defund the Police.

Great plan there. The Left has rolled out all sorts of restorative justice garbage, but support for its pro-crime campaign, currently near universal by a populace that is mainlining the media faster than a heroin addict in Tijuana, will collapse once law and order collapses for good. You can only brainwash suburbanites into kneeling for so long with endless CNN loops once their houses are on fire and their kids are in the gutter.

Let's see how the plan to abolish the MPD is going.

Several members of the Minneapolis City Council want to disband their city’s police force and are investigating how this goal might be realized.

“Several of us on the council are working on finding out, what it would take to disband the MPD,” says Steve Fletcher, a member of the 13-person assembly that serves as the legislative branch of Minneapolis government.

Fletcher suggests that if the Council is successful in abolishing the police, a new unarmed “public safety” group will take its place. He says the council wants to “totally reimagine what public safety means… “We can invest in cultural competency and mental health training,” he adds.


1. Don't enforce the law when it comes to any robberies or muggings. Instead go with restorative justice.

2. Replace cops with social workers who treat every offense as a mental health crisis caused by racism.

3. Watch everything burn x 1,000