New York Times: George Washington Statues Must Go

Of course.

This comes from a column by Charles Blow, the New York Times' sweaty and unsuccessful black nationalist columnist, who always keeps trying to jump on the cultural moment, without ever quite nailing the landing. Here he is calling for Washington's beheading.

 Yes, Even George Washington - New York Times

Well of course. Destroying America is the whole point.

On the issue of American slavery, I am an absolutist: enslavers were amoral monsters.

Note the 'American' part. As opposed to African or Islamic slavery. That would reflect badly on Mohammed.

Was Mohammed an amoral monster? Were African tribal chieftains amoral monsters? Let's not talk about that, eh.

Some people who are opposed to taking down monuments ask, “If we start, where will we stop?” It might begin with Confederate generals, but all slave owners could easily become targets. Even George Washington himself.

To that I say, “abso-fricking-lutely!”

Abso-fricking-lutely is the New York Times as of 2020. A perfect metaphor for the paper's lack of literary and ethical standards.

Slavery existed for most of human history. It still exists in parts of the Middle East and Africa. Effectively slavery is widespread in other totalitarian systems, like China and North Korea. Americans routinely buy cheap products made cheaply by slave labor.

That's not the stuff that Blow wants to talk about because the agenda here isn't the horrors of slavery, but the destruction of America.

As I noted, Malcolm X was quite fond of a rebellion by Islamic slave owners against British efforts to eliminate the slave trade.

The old Malcolm X had admired Muhammad Ahmad, the Islamic leader of the Mahdiist Islamic State, who had responded to British efforts to suppress slavery with a brutal campaign by former slave traders that defeated the British forces and enslaved their wives and children.

"Mahdiism has re-established the slave trade, which is now in full vigour, and almost all those slaves who were liberated in the Government days have been sold again as slaves," Father Joseph Ohrwalder, a captured missionary documented while noting the booming demand for “black” slaves.

Lefties describe such things as opposition to colonialism, that is to say, they support slavery when it's practiced by Islamists, and condemn European efforts to stop it. 

That's why their clucking over American slavery is a hypocritical excuse for attacking America while defending slavery as an institution.

Let me know when Charles Blow and the New York Times are ready to cancel Mohammed as an inhuman monster.

Otherwise they can shut the hell up about the Father of our Country.