New York Times, Paper Behind 1619 Project, Accuses Trump of Dividing Americans by Race

Step 1. Let's manufacture revisionist history accusing America of being based on slavery, award ourselves a Pulitzer for our hateful hoax, and then watch as the perpetrator brags about the riots being the 1619 Riots.

Step 2. Let's accuse Trump of racial divisiveness.

That's the inverted reality of the New York Times which just published a piece titled, "Trump Pushes Anew to Divide Americans by Race "

Seriously? The paper behind the 1619 Project is going there

After a New York Post op-ed essay, “Call Them the 1619 Riots,” linked rioting occurring in cities  across the country to The New York Times’ controversial “1619 Project,” the journalist behind the project responded, “It would be an honor. Thank you.”

The New York Times has been dividing Americans by race for the past three generations. It wants to have its racially divisive cake and also accuse Republicans of being racially divisive. And it knows quite well that without racial divisiveness, its party would never win another election outside New York, Madison and San Francisco.


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