NJ Dem Gov to Raise Property Taxes on Seniors While Blowing a Fortune on Off-Shore Wind Farms

Governor Murphy has killed fewer senior citizens than Cuomo. (Murphy killed more veterans than Cuomo did.) That's about the only thing in his favor.

New Jersey is in a hole because of his lockdowns. And Murphy is clamoring for federal money.

New Jersey should cut or delay close to $5 billion in state spending through September, which could affect school aid increases, property tax relief programs, NJ Transit and more, according to a proposal released Friday by the state Treasury Department, the first detailed budget analysis of the coronavirus impact on New Jersey's financial future. 

Widespread layoffs are also imminent unless New Jersey can find a way to plug a $10 billion budget hole through July 2021 through borrowing or federal assistance, Gov. Phil Murphy said.

"We are not asking Washington for a bailout," Murphy said. "We are asking for aid to pay our police, fire and EMS first responders. To keep our public health workers on the job for our recovery. To ensure our kids have the educators they will need come fall."

Sure, you are. Meanwhile here's some property tax hikes for senior citizens. If they can't afford to stay in their homes, Murphy will still gladly kill them in nursing homes.

Seniors and low- and middle-income New Jersey residents will pay more on their property tax bills in the coming months under Gov. Phil Murphy's plan to cut two aid programs to balance the coronavirus' crushing blow to state revenues.

Murphy and his financial advisers propose cutting a $220 million payment for Senior Freeze and $138 million for the Homestead Benefit program as they aim to cut or delay $5 billion in spending over the next three months.

If it is approved by the Legislature, Murphy's plan means checks that go out to Senior Freeze participants typically in July won't arrive in mailboxes this summer, and people eligible for the Homestead Benefit tax credit would see increases on their upcoming tax bills.

Good news though, this shouldn't affect the offshore wind farm boondoggle.

At today’s COVID-19 press briefing, Gov. Phil Murphy, alongside New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) CEO Tim Sullivan, announced plans to construct New Jersey Wind Port, the nation’s first purpose-built marshalling and manufacturing port dedicated to the offshore wind industry.

The... offshore... wind... industry.

Try to say it without laughing.

“Eventually, the wind port will house multiple factories creating thousands of jobs where the parts for offshore wind turbines will be built,” Murphy said. “We will take full advantage of our world-leading and central geographic location to drive the growth of a new industry right here [in New Jersey]. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

It hasn't been around since the Obama era when there were lots of these once-in-a-generation opportunities to waste a few hundred million and move money into the right pockets. What will this thing cost?

The state currently estimates New Jersey Wind Port will cost between $300-$400 million at full build.

Meanwhile Murphy claims the state has no money and has to kick seniors out of their homes.


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