North Carolina Dems Endorse Looting

"Let me be clear about one thing: People are more important than property. Black Lives do Matter," Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina declared.

Property is a capitalist abstraction to Marxists. It's also someone's home, someone's livelihood, someone's life. It's what separates free people from serfs. The Left wants serfs and so hates the idea of property.

Governor Cooper, announcing in the middle of violent riots, that people's property doesn't matter when a Black Lives Matter mob is out there ransacking people's stores, is an endorsement of the rioting, and an announcement that people will not be protected from the BLM mob.

Just to hammer that message home, Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown declared, "I will not put an officer in harm’s way to protect the property inside of a building."

It goes without saying that this is not about the lives of officers, but about giving the mob an all-clear to riot and loot.

A number of municipalities have done it officially, but in North Carolina, it's official.


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