"Peaceful Protest" Turned Violent When Rioters Went to Police Officers' Homes to Set Their Cars on Fire

These riots are an exercise in political intimidation. Their goal is to break the police and turn over entire cities to the thugs who can then blackmail the political authorities and the citizenry into meeting any of their demands through violence and intimidation.

This is not a protest.

Three protesters are in jail Thursday after being arrested for trying to set police cars on fire with Molotov cocktails.

Police say the vandals tracked those officers down at their homes and tried to torch their cars. Both fires were put out quickly, leaving minor damage to the vehicles.

Ebuka Chike-Morah, 21, Alvin Joseph, 21, and Lakaila Mack, 20, all face multiple charges.

“I’m just trying to get the message across,” Chike-Morah said during the protest outside Sugarloaf Mills Mall. “We’re going to continue walking until we don’t feel like walking no more.”

Chike-Morah told Channel 2 Action News that he wanted to peacefully protest and go home, but a few days later he had other plans.

“They unloaded the bus trying to catch us but I’m not getting got. I can speak for myself. I don’t know what they got going on. I’m just trying to go home and go to work tomorrow,” Chike-Morah said.

Another peaceful protester turned violent.

It was a peaceful protest and then we started throwing bottles and rocks, shooting bullets, and setting things on fire. Funny how that happens.


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