Pulling Down Statues is Okay, But Don't Touch a Black Lives Matter Message

Oppression. It's a funny word. Do you know what a basic definition of systemic oppression is? Having two sets of laws. One applies to people whose politics are the approved sort by the authorities, while the other is for people who have the disapproved sort of politics.

It's okay to pull down statues of America's founding fathers and its discoverer, but write Black Lives Matter in yellow paint on the roadway and it's now a sacred mural.

The vandalism of a Black Lives Matter mural in Vermont is under investigation, police said Sunday. 

Montpelier police said mud, dirt and oil was placed on the roadway over one of the letters part of a mural project that wrote out “Black Lives Matter.”

Police said graffiti was also spray painted on a nearby sidewalk. The graffiti included spray painted messages of “$400 million gone” and “put it back call Trump,” according to images shared by police. 

Police said the messages “referenced government spending and do not appear to reference” the nearby Black Lives Matter mural. 

Police said eyewitness accounts described the persona as a white man around 50-years-old, and are asking the public for assistance in identifying the suspect. 

The "mural" looks like it consisted of writing Black Lives Matter in yellow paint on the roadway. It shouldn't be hard to "restore", but finding the guy who did it, who sounds a little nuts and is not even attacking BLM, is a top priority, but tearing down statues is virtuous.

Two sets of laws for one offense is the definition of systemic oppression.


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