Stormy Daniels Lawyer Sues to Stop Trump Tulsa Rally Over Coronavirus

When is coronavirus a threat? When conservatives are protesting lockdowns or cheering President Trump.

When isn't it a threat, when thousands of Democrats are rioting in the streets.

On that note, here's a Stormy Daniels lawyer trying to stop Trump's Tulsa rally.

A group of Tulsa attorneys filed a lawsuit Tuesday to force the use of coronavirus safety measures at the BOK Center during President Trump’s Saturday campaign rally, but a judge denied their requests for a temporary injunction and expedited hearing hours later.

Attorney Clark Brewster said filling a 19,000-seat arena with screaming fans of the president during a surge in new COVID-19 cases but not requiring them to wear masks has the makings of a super-spreader event.

Brewster represented adult-film star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against Trump, but he and attorney Paul DeMuro said the lawsuit was not about the president.

Uh-huh. Did they sue Black Lives Matter for its massive Tulsa rally? No. Then this is about Trump.

Brewster's Twitter feed is predictably full of derogatory content involving Trump. While a judge shut down this stunt, Brewster and co. are promising to take this to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.


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