Bizarre Attempt to Re-litigate Michael Brown Case Ends

The Michael Brown case was arguably the fruit of the poisoned tree for the Black Lives Matter movement. Its hate rallies still incorporate the spurious, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" slogan. The Brown case was so fundamentally fraudulent, built on propaganda and lies, that even the Obama DOJ ended up having to boot it and stop the persecution of a police officer whom eyewitnesses testified was clearly defending himself.

It was a close call even back then and the release of the Brown robbery window by the Ferguson police, against the orders of Obama's DOJ community organizers, played a role in preventing the radicals from getting their way.

The question is what happens if the case gets relitigated today in an atmosphere of utterly unthinking hysteria and craven conformity. 

Of course there's a huge difference between actually litigating a case using legal methods or in the kangaroo court of the media. The actual outcomes for police lynchings in the previous round of BLM riots was rather poor, not just in Ferguson, but in Baltimore and elsewhere. I suspect that, despite all the sturm and drang, it'll be poor yet again this time around. Ordinary jurors of any race are more likely to perform their job with integrity than the media, corporate leaders, or supreme court justices.

But, in any case, the latest effort to relitigate the Brown case has gone nowhere. Justice is not on the side of the rioters.