Black Lives are the Price We Pay for Black Lives Matter.

You know the drill. Black lives matter. They matter so much that the Black Lives Matter Effect is turning major cities into death zones. And the victims of these shootings are mostly black. By all means, let's go on with defunding the police and restorative justice. Only good things can happen. Like New York City racking up as many shootings so far as in all of 2019.

In a year of increased violence, New York City hit a grim bench mark Tuesday — its 922nd shooting victim of 2020, matching the total for all of 2019, according to NYPD statistics.

By midnight Monday, police had already had 919 shooting victims. Three hours later, the discovery of three men shot in the same incident at Wyona Street in Brooklyn pushed the toll for the year to 922, officials said. 

Grim bench mark, indeed.

BLM is turning into the Democrats' Iraq War.

From Monday through early Tuesday, the city saw 15 people wounded in 11 shootings. That spasm of violence followed the wounding Sunday of 18 people in 15 shootings. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, who along with Mayor Bill de Blasio has rolled out various initiatives to quell the gunfire, voiced disappointment about the weekend toll.

“When you have a day with 15 shootings in New York City, that is not a success," Shea said Monday in a television interview. "There is no other way to put that."

Along with shootings, homicides have also increased this year in the city. Through Sunday, the city had 227 killings, up 29% from the same period in 2019.

So that "bail reform" is working as intended. Right, guys?

Police officials have said that while some gun defendants are being processed in court, the lack of grand juries has allowed about 40% of those charged in firearm cases to be released on their own recognizance. That freedom for some defendants, officials have said, emboldens other shooters.

And good thing we also got rid of stop and frisk.

"It only gets worse from here,” said Joseph Giacalone, a former NYPD sergeant who teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “The summer always brings out more shootings, but in the situation we are in now, we know there is nothing to prevent criminals from carrying guns.”

Giacalone said Shea’s decision to disband the anti-crime units was also a contributing factor to the increased shootings. Shea moved the anti-crime cops to patrol units, in part to prevent officers from being drawn into shootings. The anti-crime units also were sometimes accused of improper stop-and-frisk searches.

Whew. We solved that. Now it's on to utopia. And a sky high murder rate. But black lives are the price we pay for Black Lives Matter.


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