Black Lives Matter Effect: 59 Shot in Chicago, 8 Shot in South Bend, 12 in Flint, 29 in New York

This is your city. This is your city on police defunding.


Three people were killed and at least 59 wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend, authorities said.

The weekend shootings come as the city's violence is under national scrutiny, with hundreds of federal agents being sent in to help quell a rise in shootings.

South Bend, Buttigieg's hometown.

Law enforcement officials are investigating a series of shootings over the weekend that left one person dead and seven injured.

The four incidents are part of an upward trend in gun violence in South Bend this year.

As of Monday, 84 people have been shot in the city in “criminally assaulted shootings” so far in 2020, according to police. Of those, 14 have been killed, which is already more than the 11 people killed in shootings for all of 2019. Criminally assaulted shootings do not include accidental shootings or suicides.

At this time last year in South Bend, 63 people had been shot. In 2019 as a whole, police data show, 109 people were injured in shootings.


It was a tough weekend in Syracuse.

There were 13 confirmed reports of gunfire from Friday to early Monday, with two people killed and seven people wounded, according to the Syracuse police.


Tulsa Police said the spike in unrelated shootings on Saturday is an unusual and surprising amount for one day. There were four shootings in Tulsa on Saturday in just a span of hours.

There are surprises across America.


The Winston-Salem Police Department’s Violent Crimes Task Force is investigating three shootings that happened Saturday and Sunday in the city. Six people were wounded in the gunfire.

“We are looking at all avenues right now,” police Lt. John Morris said. “They are trying to determine a nexus.”

Three letters. BLM.


Seven people have been shot since Friday night in Durham, police and the Sheriff’s Office reported. At least one person has died.


City leaders in Flint pleaded with residents to end the violence after a rash of weekend shootings left 12 people injured, including six at a popup party in a parking lot.

New York City.

Another bloody weekend of shootings, including 10 homicides, led NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea to acknowledge Monday that a citywide strategy to quell gun violence had yet to make any tangible headway.

In the three-day period from Friday through Sunday, the city had 29 shootings, 10 of which led to killings, according to the latest NYPD statistics. Fifteen of the shootings occurred on Sunday.


 Cleveland Police confirmed one man was killed and thirteen people were hurt in the six shootings and four stabbings that happened in Cleveland over the weekend.

We could keep going because this is a nationwide phenomenon. It's called the Black Lives Matter Effect. The sequel to the Ferguson Effect. 

And this is before the police have been actually defunded, before the prisons have been emptied out, this is just the result of emboldened thugs and cops keeping their heads down. This isn't as bad as it gets. This is just a mile marker. If the Left gets its way, we'll be seeing 70s and 80s numbers again. Cities will turn into dead zones. And the bodies will pile up.

This is horrifying. But this is also nothing.


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