BLACK LIVES MATTER: Everyone Shot in July in New York City was a Minority

If only we could do something about those cops.

In New York City, after the number of shooting victims more than doubled from June 2019 to this June, every person who has been shot this July, nearly 100 in total, has been a member of the minority community, according to the police department. And in June, 97 percent of the shooting victims were minorities, the department said.

In Chicago, where minority communities have long struggled with deadly gun violence, shootings have increased 76 percent from the same time last year, with nearly all the bloodshed concentrated in the city's predominantly Black and brown communities on the South and West Sides.

From January to May this year, almost 75 percent of homicide victims were Black, according to the Louisville Police Department.

Predominantly Black neighborhoods in recent decades have averaged five times as many violent crimes as predominantly white communities, according to a 2016 study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Defunding the police, the Ferguson Effect, and all the usual pro-crime policies have really worked out spectacularly well for minority communities. It's almost like white lefties want to get black people killed.


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