Black Lives Matter Rioters Heroically Smash Black Woman's Windows

The mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioters are at it again, mostly peacefully rioting, and only occasionally throwing explosive devices, shooting at police officers, shining lasers in their eyes, and smashing and burning things.

Like this woman's car windows.

King County youth detention officer Daryl Breaux saw her SUV’s smashed windows and slashed tires. Her fellow workers were overcome with emotion seeing the damage to every worker’s car.

“I didn’t deserve this, OK! I’m a hardworking individual, college-educated young lady, Black lady at that! Born and raised in Seattle!” she said.

When she saw her co-workers’ cars also destroyed, Breaux wondered what the point was when county leaders had already committed to closing the facility in five years.

That's the price of revolution. When you've got a bunch of Black Panthers cosplayers and lefty white kids imagining that they're in the Battle of Algiers or the Paris Commune, the car windows of the bourgeois must be smashed.

Nice hardworking college educated black ladies working for the man must be disabused of their capitalism, middle classness and attachment to their car windows by the kids of rich people who have degrees in disruptive studies.

As a certain New York Times correspondent once said about omelets and eggs, you've got to smash.