Black Lives Matter South Carolina Founder: Nothing Wrong With Calling Jews and White People Subhuman

This is your daily reminder that Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group and its chapters keep intersecting with the Nation of Islam.

(WOLO)–The face of the local Black Lives Matter group has drawn criticism for supporting and reiterating comments made by Nick Cannon, now former host of the Masked Singer and America’s Got Talent who was fired Tuesday from CBS/Viacom.

In Cannon’s hour-plus podcast, he and former Public Enemy member Professor Griff contend that Black people are the true Hebrews and that Jews have usurped their identity.

Cannon then segues into a discussion of skin color — “And I’m going to say this carefully,” he begins — to allege that people who lack sufficient melanin are “a little less.”

Those without dark skin have a “deficiency” that historically forced them to act out of fear and commit acts of violence to survive, he said.

“They had to be savages,” Cannon said, adding that he was referring to “Jewish people, white people, Europeans,” among others.

Wednesday morning, founder of Black Lives Matter SC, Lawrence Nathaniel defended Cannon saying he agrees with the controversial comments.

“What Nick Cannon believes in,” Nathaniel said, “is the beliefs of Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X who taught the same teachings of what white folks was and how they are and how they treat Black people.”

“Personally I didn’t see nothing wrong with his comments at all, I just think that he spoke the truth” added Nathaniel.

Well yes. Those are the teachings of the Nation of Islam which believes that white people were created by an evil mad scientist and are subhuman. And the NOI is a racist hate group. Malcolm X and Farrakhan had vile beliefs which led Malcolm X to ally with Nazis and led Farrakhan to praise Hitler. The real problem isn't Cannon, it's Farrakhan.

And it's the ability of black nationalists to put forward violently racist beliefs while getting kid glove treatment and playing the victim.

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, like so many lefty bigots, Nathaniel came out of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

A former organizer for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign has announced he will run against U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-Springdale, in the Midlands’ 2nd District in 2020.

If elected, Lawrence Nathaniel, a 25-year-old Columbia Democrat, would be South Carolina’s first African-American Hispanic congressman, he said in a campaign announcement.

Nathaniel’s announcement focused on income inequality and the need for “leadership that are woke to today’s struggles.”

Gotta stay woke.


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