Chicago Driver Barely Survives Attack by Teens w/Pitchfork

Are the police defunded enough yet?

 “I can’t believe we survived” – those are the words of a terrified Uber driver who was caught in the middle of hundreds of teens getting pushed through the downtown area by Chicago Police.

The driver is fearful after his Kia ended up getting each and every window busted out – all by a group of teens who were getting ushered by police from Millennium Park on July 4th weekend.

“I knew they were coming I said, ‘Oh f***, and so they came and jumped on the car and started dancing around on the hood,” he said.

But the driver said some in the crowd turned violent and tried opening the doors. What happened next had the driver and his two passengers in disbelief.

“And then they broke in the driver window, and that’s where I knew we were in big trouble, because they were trying to grab me, and I heard the back rear window shatter as well,” he said.

A pitchfork crashed through the rear window, coming within inches of his Uber passengers.

How did they get a pitchfork? Who knows. Who really cares.

“Who knows what would have happened if they were able to pull us out of the vehicle? It seem like they wanted blood,” he said. “It’s terrifying just to think that there’s just basically a school a piranhas just roaming the streets of Chicago, and we don’t know where they’re going to show up.”

CBS 2 first exposed how these groups of 300 to 400 have roamed the Loop and downtown for consecutive Saturdays.

If only there was some sort of mechanism for the police to detain and lock up huge violent gangs roaming the streets? They used to call them prisons. They worked surprisingly well in the 80s and 90s, but now a whole bunch of Ava DuVernay documentaries on Netflix tell us that's a terrible idea and it's much better to bury a dozen people every weekend in Chicago instead.

“It was nothing short of miracle that he’s still living,” said community activist the Rev. Robin Hood.

Hood said we do not need an act of God, but action from government to help Chicago teenagers who were suffering before the pandemic.

“The state needs to step up and come up with these summer jobs that should have should have started last week,” Hood said.

What that guy with the pitchfork really needed was a summer job, stacking hay.

It's a miracle they didn't kill that guy... because they lack summer jobs.

“It’s easy to say that those kids were thugs,” Hood said. “No, these kids are suffering from trauma to the 10th power.”

Traumatized? What are they traumatized by? They've been raised in the lap of the welfare state, held accountable for nothing, and they can literally get away with murder.

CPD said they are simply monitoring and ushering the groups out of the downtown area when they pop up. Some are questioning if it is time for police to start arresting the teens.

I like how the timorous proposal to maybe start arresting the mobs of thugs is buried in the penultimate paragraph.

On a related note.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara Jr. issued a letter to President Donald Trump on Saturday, asking for help from the federal government to fight “chaos” in Chicago and calling Mayor Lori Lightfoot a “complete failure.”



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