Chicago's Black Leaders Respond to Crime With Police Crackdown

I'm no fan of Mayor Lightfoot, but as we've seen in Minneapolis, it's mostly white lefties  and some privileged black college kids who are living in a Defund Police fantasy world. 

Back in Chicago, the real world is calling.

After weekend Chicago gun violence left at least 16 dead, including two children, and 50 others wounded, the city's top cop said Monday that extra officers will hit the streets for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend.

An additional 1,200 Chicago police officers will be added beginning Thursday and through Sunday, Supt. David Brown said, calling the department's holiday weekend strategy "a full court press."

"Our endgame is arrests," Brown said, noting officers will focus on street corners that he said fuel the city's open-air drug market and create "the pipeline for shootings and murders in Chicago."

Arrests? We're not supposed to be doing arrests anymore. We're supposed to free all the criminals.

Brown called on the criminal justice system for help to keep violent offenders arrested by police in jail through Sunday.

"When we clear a corner, we're pleading to the court system: keep them in jail through the weekend," he said.

Chicago's black leaders are responding to a shocking level of violence with a crackdown. That's obviously common sense, but that somehow became uncommon recently.

Despite warnings that preemptive sweeps will “drive a wedge between police and communities of color,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday stood firmly behind Chicago Police Supt. David Brown’s decision to sweep young people off drug corners over the July Fourth weekend to prevent another holiday bloodbath.

What wedge? Lightfoot and Brown are black. I presume that they know something about "communities of color".

Karen Sheley, director of the police practices project at the ACLU of Illinois, condemned the plans for preemptive sweeps as “more of the same”... 

“The plan to sweep up Black and Brown young men in their neighborhoods across the City could have been uttered by a number of his predecessors in leadership of the CPD. We have heard this all before — paternalistic claims that young men should be in jail for their own safety,” Sheley was quoted as saying in a statement.

“This approach only further drive a wedge between the CPD and communities of color. 

Karen Sheley, to nobody's surprise, is white, wears hipster glasses, and probably loves vegan eateries.

Lightfoot sloughed off the criticism.

"If any civil liberties group has a problem with people who are killing our people over drug spots, let’s have a conversation because you need to have your attitude readjusted,” the mayor said. “We’ve got criminal enterprises that are using vulnerable young people. We all should be appalled by that."

In announcing the plan to sweep drug corners, Brown argued those young people he called “shorties” are being used because they have no criminal records and, therefore, face lighter penalties if caught. He also complained that, even when they are arrested, they’re in and out of jail quickly.

Fighting crime means deploying the police and locking up criminals. When you don't do that, it gets bad. That's something any adult with real life experience of high crime areas gets.