De Blasio Bans Large Gatherings, Except for Black Lives Matter

The Constitution protected the right to assemble. But in Dem states and cities, that has an asterisk. Only BLM is allowed to assemble.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is permitting Black Lives Matter protesters to continue marching through city streets while the city is canceling all large events through September.

Speaking on CNN Thursday night, de Blasio said the demonstrators’ calls for social justice were too important to stop after more than a month of demonstrations have not led to an outbreak of coronavirus cases.

“This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs — we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now,” de Blasio told host Wolf Blitzer.

If there is a health crisis here, then allowing BLM events makes no sense. Especially with black people dying of the virus at a higher rate. But if this is an exploitation of a public health crisis to silence dissenting views, then it's working as intended.

“Look this is always an area of real sensitivity here,” de Blasio said in a CNN appearance, in response to a question about whether protests would be allowed. “You’re talking about health, we would always say, ‘Hey folks stay home if you can.’ But we understand this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic change.”

"If you can."

This is a huge crisis and we're ordering you to stay away, unless you want to protest.