Dem Pol Took Bribe From Chinese Billionaire to Pay Off Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Let's give Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar some credit. He's consistent. Consistently terrible

Federal prosecutors charged Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar in a 34-count indictment unsealed Thursday as part of an ongoing public corruption probe.

Huizar, 51, was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act upon his arrest by the FBI last month. The newly unsealed indictment includes counts of bribery and money laundering among several other criminal charges and details 42 alleged acts of corruption by Huizar.

The Democrat has represented Council District 14, which includes downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and parts of northeast Los Angeles including Eagle Rock and Highland Park.

Minority areas that are typically represented by Democrats and typically screwed over by them.

A competent GOP would stop playing defense and go on the offense by emphasizing the rash of Democrat officials involved in corruption cases.

Prosecutors allege Huizar conspired with developers while chairing the city’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee. He is accused of accepting at least $1.5 million in “illicit financial benefits,” according to federal prosecutors.

That allegedly includes more than $800,000 from a Chinese billionaire who owns a hotel in Huizar’s district. As part of their deal, the billionaire allegedly gave Huizar $600,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of his former staffers, prosecutors said.

Here's the sexual harassment issue involved.

A woman who spent seven years as an aide to Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming the lawmaker waged a “campaign of retaliation” against her after she turned down specific requests for “sexual favors.”

Francine Godoy, 34, said in her lawsuit Huizar suggested last year that she run for a seat on the Los Angeles Community College District board. After she agreed to do so, Huizar tied his support for her campaign to sexual activities, according to the lawsuit.

“On or about October, 8, 2012, after [Godoy] arrived at Huizar’s office at City Hall, Huizar told [her] that if she wanted his continued support in her campaign ... she would have to have sex with him.” Godoy said in her lawsuit that she refused his advances.

When Democrats say that they have binders full of women for top positions, they mean something very different.

The burning question is was this the first time that Huizar did it and how many other elected Democrat officials took his deal?

But Godoy was willing to drop her complaint in exchange for cash and Huizar allegedly needed a place to get that cash.

Then, the lawsuit was abruptly settled. The city paid her nothing. And Huizar refused to say how he had persuaded Francine Godoy, his onetime deputy chief of staff, to drop her claims.

Of course, Huizar was La Raza, aka The Race, a racist organization that has a death grip on Democrat politics.

He met his future wife on the admissions committee for La Raza Law Students Association at UCLA. 

And, of course, Huizar allegedly used union power in his quest for cash.

A shadowy union group with ties to Huizar had filed a legal challenge against the project, threatening a costly delay. The developer reportedly paid Huizar a bribe of hundreds of thousands of dollars to convince the union to back down. Huizar’s aide George Esparza, who admits to being part of the scheme, says he stuffed $200,000 of the developer’s cash into a liquor box that he dropped off at his boss’s Boyle Heights residence in March 2017. 

This is what a Democrat hellhole looks like as the combination of leftist legislation, special interest groups, and power brokers function as a mafia. And foreign businessmen come in and America is officially a third world country.

The “persons of interest” described in the Justice Department’s sprawling investigation include at least four current and former members of the L.A. City Council; a former deputy mayor for Planning and Economic Development; and a former Public Works commissioner. Other targets include a former chief of the Department of Building and Safety Code Enforcement Bureau; three current and former city staffers; a Korean American investment group; at least four of the biggest Chinese developers in L.A. real estate, among them the chairman of one of the top real estate companies in China; a political fundraiser; a politically connected law firm; a real estate consultant; a labor organization; three lobbyists; and a businessman.

At press time, four people have pleaded guilty to the government’s charges and have been cooperating with authorities. Among them is former 12th District Councilman Mitchell Englander, who admitted that he accepted envelopes of cash from a businessman seeking official favors. John Lee, Englander’s former chief of staff and his successor as councilman, is also cooperating with investigators. Lee told them about a lavish, all-expenses-paid trip he took with Englander and others to Las Vegas courtesy of a real estate developer. Their playing-around money included $10,000 cash in an envelope, $1,000 in casino chips, $25,000 in nightclub bottle service, and “services” from two escorts.

Democrats. The best crooked government around.

Huizar would praise the staff of another member of the City Council who refused to approve an alcohol permit unless the owner paid $10,000 to a deputy. “He wanted to be more like [that councilmember],” the ex-staffer told me.

I wonder how much Biden's people will charge for permits.