Dem States That Supported the BLM Riots Should Not Be Able to Apply for Disaster Relief

No. Just no.

Fires, floods, and tornadoes are legitimate disasters. As are terrorist attacks or a disease outbreak. But none of that applies if the local government starts the fire or invites the tornado in. Or actively encourages the spread of the disease. That's, as Obama liked to say about Islamic terrorism, a 'man-caused disaster' which the perpetrators can't demand relief for.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has asked President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration to deal with damage from the late May rioting in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Without federal disaster assistance, “Minnesotans will struggle to return their communities to normalcy,” Walz wrote in a letter to Trump on Thursday.

Damage to public infrastructure -- including debris removal and damage to public buildings and equipment -- totals $15.6 million, Walz said.

More than 1,500 businesses were damaged by vandalism, looting or fires, causing at least $500 million in damage.

That's a huge disaster. And the responsibility for it lies on the Dem political class, especially in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which encouraged and supported the riots, and shut down a police response, and the police themselves.

This was an entirely preventable disaster which Walz and Frey and the rest of the gang not only failed to prevent, but encouraged and supported. As did some of the businesses affected. The only people who should get any kind of relief are those who did not endorse Black Lives Matter on a par with businesses affected by the 9/11 attacks.

Local and state governments have nothing here. And any business that put up, "We love Black Lives Matter" signs should get zero.

People in certain parts of the country, including those where I live, keep voting for Democrats and these are the consequences. You can't be both an arsonist and the victim. If you support Black Lives Matter, you stand with the arsonists. If you support the politicians who stand with Black Lives Matter, you stand with the arsonists.

This is not a disaster relief problem. No more than it is in Newark or San Francisco. This is what happens when you vote for extremists and their allies. It's a political disaster and there's no relief for that except at the voting booth.

Local Republicans are taking the right position. We'll see if the national GOP follows suit.

"In my district, I can tell you they’re very upset these things are happening without seemingly any desire to stop it," said Gazelka, R-East Gull Lake. "I can tell you they’re very concerned that Minneapolis and St. Paul then would be asked to be bailed out by the entire state."

Asked to clarify whether Senate Republicans were taking recovery aid off the table, a spokesman for Senate Republicans said, "We're not going to be bailing out Minneapolis and St. Paul without a thorough investigation into the decisions made by local and state leaders."

"I think they’re trying to change the narrative," state Rep. Mohamud Noor, DFL-Minneapolis, said in an interview outside a destroyed pawn shop in his neighborhood. "They had no connection. Nobody asked for this destruction. Nobody asked for their businesses to be looted."

The DFL supported the protests. That means it supported the rioting, looting and all that followed.


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