Dems Kept Freeing Jose and Jose Kept Stealing Cars

Jose may be the greatest poster child for the Democrat pro-crime policies of freeing prisoners so they don't catch the Wuhan Virus and eliminating bail leading to a crime wave.

And Jose was a one-man crime wave.

A Los Angeles man is facing a slew of felony charges for stealing cars almost as soon as he was released from jail due to the coronavirus pandemic, over and over again, according to prosecutors. On a single day in May, he was arrested twice.

This is what happens when pro-crime Democrats shut down the justice system and law enforcement becomes a joke. Crime is everywhere and there's no reason except personal ethics not to commit crimes.

Just ask Jose.

Prosecutors allege Jose Enrique Esquivel stole over a dozen cars between March and June. Esquivel was first arrested on March 30, but released the same day as per the COVID-19 emergency bail schedule. He was again arrested and released on 11 separate occasions between April 28 and June 15, including twice on May 14. He was most recently taken into custody on June 23 for allegedly stealing another truck, but kept in jail because the emergency release fund had ended.

In total, Esquivel faces 13 counts of driving or taking a vehicle without consent, and one count of second-degree burglary. He could spend up to 17 years in prison if convicted, according to Deputy District Attorney Alexander Karkanen.

Not that it matters. 

Democrats will undercharge him, free him, and claim that he only committed his crimes because of the oppressive capitalist society. Meanwhile lots of others like him will keep on committing crimes and bouncing through the revolving door.

This is what a Democrat system looks like.


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