Disney Gets Into the Colin Kaepernick Business

If you needed another reminder that the Disney of today has little in common with Walt Disney's company, aside from owning the same pieces of intellectual property, and is largely dedicated to churning out left-wing garbage while collaborating with China...

Colin Kaepernick’s journey from San Francisco 49ers quarterback to civil-rights activist will be chronicled in a documentary series developed by ESPN Films as part of a first-look deal between Walt Disney and Kapernick’s Ra Vision Media production company.

Under terms of the pact, announced Monday, Disney and Ra Vision will emphasize scripted and unscripted stories that deal with race, social injustice and the quest for equity, and work to showcase directors and producers of color. 

This is really bizarre since Netflix, Disney's competitor, is going ahead with a series about a teenage Colin Kaepernick, now Disney will have a documentary series about an adult (sorta) Kaepernick. I don't think any sports figure in generations has gotten this level of treatment. And that's all the more extraordinary because there's really no content here and nothing to talk about.

But it's about pushing political agendas while sending a message to actual athletes that skills don't matter, politics do.