Facebook Bans Rabbi for Video Saying the Cure for Coronavirus is in the Bible

This is dumb. But this is also what happens when...

1. Social media platforms are treated bt Democrats and the media as vulnerable marketplaces of ideas that have to be tightly censored for misinformation or disinformation (even as those same folks insist that since the platforms are owned by corporations, free speech doesn't apply)


2. When Silicon Valley is run by largely irreligious people who have no concept of how religion works.

And so we end up with this dumb story which resulted from media pressure on Facebook to ban coronavirus misinformation. 

Rabbi Uriel Vigler, who runs the Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side of Manhattan was banned from Facebook for posting a video titled, 

“The cure for COVID-19 is to be found in this week’s Torah portion.”

Torah is the Jewish term for the Bible.

Rabbi Vigler didn't mean that there was a secret medical formula there or that people should neglect to take medication. As any religious person would understand, he meant that, "the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed because of hatred for one another. I explained that the Talmud equates that hatred to the three cardinal sins: idolatry, adultery, murder, and that to rectify this and rebuild the third and final Temple, we need to love each other more. True, expansive, unconditional love will lead to the Redemption, the rebuilding of the Temple, and the end to all ailments and illnesses, including COVID-19."

But this is what happens when Facebook is being used to shut down any and all discussion about a pandemic that doesn't follow WHO guidelines. And the bible doesn't follow WHO guidelines.

The real problem is censorship. And there is a cure for that. It's anti-trust.