Lincoln Project Collaborates w/Left, Gets Cancelled By It Anyway

So much for the "crocodile eating you last" theory of politics.

The Lincoln Project, a gimmick by a bunch of ex-Republicans to help elect Biden, is running into trouble, not from Trump, but from their own new allies.

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican PAC, ousted a video editor after crude tweets resurfaced where he used offensive slang for female anatomy to insult political adversaries, The 19th first reported.

The nonprofit news outlet asked the Lincoln Project about the tweets Ben Howe posted after the 2016 election,  calling rivals a “vagina” or “twat,” among other epithets. 

Howe wrote in a June 2018 tweet: “I want to be a feminist but every time I call someone a c*** I get yelled at.”

The 19th is a proggie feminist site that no one had heard of before this and that decided, for some reason, to target the Lincoln Project's ad guy, who's also the only useful member of the group. Someone should have explained to the Lincoln Project that they were landing in the middle of a Somali civil war offering to help the warlords. And it wasn't going to go well.

The Lincoln Project landed to help the Left in the middle of the cancel culture war and is busy canceling its own people.

The Lincoln Project had previously and confusingly jettisoned senior advisor Sophia Nelson for calling Trump "retarded". Presumably the issue wasn't that Nelson was insulting Trump, but using the term "retarded" as an insult.

But Rick Wilson isn't safe either.

Rick Wilson, the co-founder of anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, was ambushed on Monday night by the cartoon anchors on Stephen Colbert’s parody news show Tooning Out the News.

Wilson’s interview started off well, with the anchors praising him for his efforts in sabotaging Trump, until Inside the Hill cartoon host Sarah Sabo faulted him for calling the president “a whining b*tch addicted to Twitter.”

“Yes, he is a b*tch. That is the biggest insult, comparing someone to a woman,” Sabo responded. “I hate us.”

From now on, the Lincoln Project will only be allowed to attack Trump and Republicans by calling them "problematic".

At this point, the Lincoln Project is going to run out of people long before the election.