My Children are Growing Up in a World Where Police are Vilified"

People are dying in cities across America. The Black Lives Matter Effect, the successor to the Ferguson Effect, is claiming countless lives. But decency is also dying.

The widow of slain Weymouth police Sgt. Michael Chesna is speaking out against the police reform bills backed by state lawmakers this month and the criticism of law enforcement officers across the nation over the past few months.

In a lengthy Facebook post Sunday, Cindy Chesna highlighted the contrast in public attitudes toward police in recent months, as the country has reeled from the death of George Floyd, and in the immediate wake of her husband’s death in the line of duty two years ago this month.

“When Mike was murdered there were no protests (peaceful or otherwise), no riots, and no looting,” Chesna wrote. “There was certainly no public outcry from politicians for the reform of a broken justice system that lets repeat offenders out on the street. Instead everyone banded together and prayed, we prayed that we would find the strength to face each day with the knowledge of what we lost.”

That is what decent people do. We've already seen what the indecent do.

His widow says his death spurred an outpouring of support from politicians, first responders, and people from all over. Ribbons, signs, and other displays supporting police covered local towns, including the “thin blue line” American flag.

“Two years later, I am witnessing the complete opposite from a lot of the people who looked me straight in the eyes at Mike’s wake and promised to always be there for me, offering anything they could do,” Chesna wrote.

Now, the same politicians are “showing the utmost disrespect to our officers” with the pending police reform measures at the State House — one that was passed by the Senate earlier this month, and a House version that was passed late Friday — and the decision to remove the “thin blue line” flags from fire trucks in Hingham following a citizen complaint, Chesna wrote. The flags have been displayed since her husband’s death.

“I take each of these actions as a personal attack on everything Mike stood for as a police officer and a decorated army veteran with two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Chesna wrote. “My children are growing up in a world where police are vilified. Their father was not a villain, he was a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. His memory should never be tarnished by anyone.”

But that's what Black Lives Matter and its Rest in Power shtick exists to do, defiling memorials to slain police officers and war heroes across America. And the Democrat politicians, and "Republicans" like Romney and Rubio, and the suburbanites who have flocked to the BLM banner are the ones who have abandoned decency.


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