A One-State Solution for Peter Beinart's Career

Peter Beinart, a hack and professional anti-Israel activist, has one gimmick, pretending to be a former supporter of the Jewish State who goes through various stages of disappointment with its existence and graduates to increasingly levels of animosity toward it.

This vaudeville routine is cloaked in Beinart's claim that he's a liberal Zionist disappointed by Israel's human rights issues and failure to sufficiently appease Islamic terrorists.

This feigned journey has taken Beinart from BDS to now calling for the destruction of Israel while heading up a former Commie rag that had celebrated the rape and murder of Jews.

Each time Beinart announces his new radical position, it's treated as some sort of major news event that's an indictment of Israel whose Jewish inhabitants and their American supporters have disappointed Beinart's moral conscience one last time.

The paint has come off the "liberal Zionist" routine. But Beinart believes that he can still milk this cow for a few more years and get speaking gigs at some temples and Jewish groups to explain why his support for the destruction of Israel is liberal Zionism too.

Beinart is a shallow, not particularly bright fellow, but he has mastered one gimmick, and that's using the teary language of liberalism to promote increasingly extreme and horrible proposals as being truly liberal. It's a gimmick that fools those fools who don't actually think about the consequences of a message, only the sympathetic language of values that the speaker flatters them with.

The American Jewish community has embraced some of the worst ideas possible because it's been told that its values of love, tolerance and suicide encompass them. Even as Beinart embraces calls for the destruction of Israel, he'll still get speaking gigs.