Shut Down Every College: 6,300 Coronavirus Cases Linked to Colleges

If it only saves one life, it's worth it

One of those rare media super-spreader stories that takes a break from the politically punitive agenda of trying to blame the spread on churches and synagogues, or on people partying, and looks at the infrastructure of leftist ideology super-spreaders. Universities.

A New York Times survey of every public four-year college in the country, as well as every private institution that competes in Division I sports or is a member of an elite group of research universities, revealed at least 6,300 cases tied to about 270 colleges over the course of the pandemic. And the new academic year has not even begun at most schools.

We must shut down every single liberal arts college. If it saves only one life, it's worth it.

And we must deport all foreign students taking online college courses. They don't need to be here. And if it saves only one life, it's worth it.

But, on a slightly more serious note, while there's an obvious value to in-person schooling for children and teenagers, the value of in-person higher education is dubious at best. Democrats want every taxpayer on the hook for the insanely inflated tuition of colleges so that their students can be indoctrinated with Howard Zinn by underpaid adjuncts. This system is broken and useless.

And if the pandemic breaks higher education, so much the better.

We don't need this system and we would be much better off without it.