Sweden's Death Toll Hits Zero, Media Calls It a Failure

The narrative is official, if you don't lock down your country, destroy civil liberties and the economy, you're a failure. Success in fighting the Wuhan Virus is measured in indefinitely prolonging the crisis, not in actually dealing with it.

The data is in: Sweden failed - Open Democracy

Sweden's daily tally of new COVID-19 cases falls to lowest since May - Reuters

Sweden's coronavirus death toll is now approaching zero, but experts are warning others not to hail it as a success - BI

Oh good, the experts. Those same ones who...

1. Say that Black Lives Matter riots don't spread the virus, but Reopen rallies and church and synagogues services do?

2. Said that we shouldn't wear masks before deciding that everyone should wear masks?

3. Thought sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes was a good plan?

A death rate approachimg zero sure sounds like a failure to the expert class. 

 Sweden’s daily tally of new COVID-19 cases fell to its lowest since late May on Tuesday, a sharp reversal from June when expanded testing fuelled record numbers in a country that drew global attention for its rejection of a lockdown.

Cases in the Nordic country have declined sharply over the past few days and on Tuesday only 283 new cases were recorded.

But... it's a failure.

By all accounts, Sweden's high rate of coronavirus deaths was evidence that the country had made a horrendous error. Sweden — which did not impose a strict lockdown — suffered 543 deaths per million of its population, compared to just 105 in neighboring Denmark. The Swedish death toll has been roughly 11 times worse than Norway's, on a per capita basis.

Sweden also has a higher percentage of minorities than Denmark. It has larger nursing homes where, once again, much of the dying occurred.

Yet coronavirus deaths in Sweden have fallen dramatically in recent days, and are now approaching zero. Between June 30 and July 6, Sweden recorded fewer than five deaths per day on all days but one.

The decline in newly diagnosed cases has been even more dramatic. In late June, Sweden diagnosed more than 1,800 people per day as COVID-19 positive. Today, just two weeks later, only one-sixth of that number are testing positive on a daily basis.

On paper, Sweden suddenly looks like a stunning — albeit late-running — success. But experts are warning that their recent spell of good news does not mean the country's no-lockdown plan was successful, or that other countries should follow its path.

Experts benefit from perpetuating a crisis.


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