Trump-Endorsing Black Official: "This Cannot, Will Not and Should Not be Allowed to Continue.”

This is what happens when people get fed up with the Black Lives Matter violence. And we are talking about black people here.

Vernon Jones had endorsed Trump and he's taking a stand here.

State Representative Vernon Jones held a press conference Monday morning at the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) headquarters. He was joined by Colonel Gary Vowell, commissioner of DPS.

Jones issued the following statement on the weekend:

“Atlanta is not Minneapolis, Seattle or St. Louis. Atlanta and Georgia, we are better than this. We will not tolerate killing innocent children, vandalizing the Georgia Department of Public Safety facilities, mob behavior in neighborhoods or endangering any life, whether Black, white or police officers. I stand with Colonel Vowell, DPS employees and the family of Secoriea Turner in demanding these types of criminal acts stop and stop now. My prayers go out to the Turner family. I respect people’s constitutional rights of freedom of speech and to assemble peacefully. However, the constitution does not give the right to kill innocent children, vandalize public safety facilities or deny other citizens their constitutional rights. I am calling on all responsible Atlantans, Georgians and organizations to join me in condemning these kinds of criminal activities. This cannot, will not and should not be allowed to continue.”

It ought to go without saying that the right to assembly does not cover denying other people access to facilities, harassing them, let alone shooting them. Blocking traffic is not a constitutional form of protest. A town hall meeting is. Once you threaten or endanger other people, it's not a protest.