ViacomCBS Fires Nick Cannon, Disney Stands By Him

Call it the inverse of cancel culture. 

The more politically correct a company is, the more likely it is to stand by antisemitism when it originates from an appropriately leftist figure. Disney is the biggest leftist major media conglomerate (and the biggest in general) and that pattern predictably held up with FOX television, which these days is owned by Disney, standing by Nick Cannon over his antisemitic comments.

ViacomCBS fired Cannon, Disney chose to stand by his bigotry. 

FOX doesn't just air the Masked Singer, various FOX arms produces it, so this is very much Disney's call. And the call, by a corporate giant that is ordinarily relentlessly politically correct, is very predictable. ViacomCBS' move was a surprise. Disney's less so. 

Cancel culture means that racist comments or any comments that are politically incorrect get you fired. But hateful comments about "white" people by minorities means, at worst, having to meet with some representatives of Jewish organizations and tweet a statement written by your agent's assistant about how bad hate is.   



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