Walmart Bans "All Lives Matter" Merchandise

(Her life doesn't matter at Walmart - frame of Walmart ad)

A lot of Walmart customers ought to be asking themselves why their business matters at Walmart, when their lives don't.

In a brief period of time, the idea that everyone's life has value has become a hateful idea, while the supremacist idea that only lives only matter to the extent that you're a member of a 'good 'race has become the dominant moral template enforced by the Forbes 500.

And so, Walmart is inevitably banning All Lives Matter merchandise.

Walmart will stop the sale of "All Lives Matter'' merchandise on its website, noting that it is putting its emphasis on Black people and other people of color whose lives are being "impacted by ongoing racial injustice.''

The nation's largest retailer is removing the items which are sold by third-party sellers "indefinitely,'' after hearing from some employees and customers who were concerned about the meaning behind the merchandise.

"We fundamentally believe all lives do matter and every individual deserves respect,'' Walmart said in a statement. "However, as we listened, we came to understand that the way some, but not all, people are using the phrase 'All Lives Matter' in the current environment intentionally minimized the focus on the painful reality of racial inequity."

That statement is itself extraordinary. 

Walmart repeats the 'hateful' statement that all lives matter, before banning it because it "minimizes" racism. And anyone questioning the false idea that the police are persecuting black people is making a hateful statement and must be banned.

Walmart will continue to allow the sale of other "Lives Matter'' merchandise, but with increased scrutiny to make sure those items comply with its rules and conditions.

What the hell are those conditions, except not offending lefty racial supremacists?

All Lives Matter merchandise didn't violate any of Walmart's rules or conditions. It responded to social media pressure from lefties and black nationalists. The real message is that Walmart will ban the sale of anything that offends them.

And that conservative customers don't matter.

So don't ask Walmart for a Blue Lives Matter cake.

A request for a "Blue Lives Matter" cake for a woman who wanted to celebrate her dad’s retirement from being a police officer was reportedly refused by three workers at a Georgia Wal-Mart.

According to Fox News Columnist Todd Starnes, the woman was told by the Wal-Mart workers that the cake was racist and nobody felt comfortable decorating it. She wanted the cake for her father’s retirement party after 25 years on the force.

If only Republicans were willing to take a stand against companies selling out this country to the Left.


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