Washington Post, Which Whitewashed Cuomo, Runs Piece Targeting GOP Gov Over Corona

The Left is more shameless and hypocritical than you can imagine. The only thing its media outlets exist to do is push propaganda.

The Washington Post ran an op-ed by Governor Cuomo of New York and a recent op-ed promoting him. It's uninterested in the thousands of deaths of nursing home patients caused by his decision to force nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.

Likewise, it has little interest in the level of nursing home deaths in blue states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California whose governors made similar decisions.

But here's what it does have time for... 

"‘Blood on his hands’: In scathing obituary, woman blames governor for her father's covid-19 death   - Washington Post

You can guess the governor's party, even if you can't guess the governor's name. GOP. Obviously.

The level of chutzpah here is unprecedented, considering how many New York grieving families would like the opportunity to have their criticism of their rotten administrations aired by the Washington Post.

But good luck with that.

Jeff Bezos' social justice tabloid however will be thrilled to gin up outrage over a coronavirus death in a red state.