2 Californians Racing to be Biden's VP

Team Biden is in the middle of a civil war over the proposed pick of Senator Kamala Harris to serve as his VP and, considering his age and mental state, his replacement should he actually win the election, resulting in a delayed decision as advocates for the two Californian politicians battle it out with every dirty trick in the book.

Either way though, unless Susan Rice comes from behind, it looks like Biden number two will be a Californian.

Presidential candidates usually pick a second who will supplement a quality they lack, often regional. VPs are supposed to bring in states that the guy at the top of the ticket won't. Urban candidates pick more rural VPs with heartland values. That was the rationale for Trump picking Pence. Or FDR bringing in Truman. 

A Californian brings nothing to the ticket regionally. California has become a one-party state dominated by Democrat voter fraud. It's not being contested. 

Biden might have considered picking someone from a swing state, but that idea faded fairly fast. The only demographic that Democrats care about is race. And they've decided that the race comes down to black voter enthusiasm. 

They may be right.

But it's another sign of the diminishing importance of the 'states' part of the United States and the identity politics tribalism that has replaced it. Instead of being a union of states, we're becoming a broken disunion of identity politics groups.

The Biden ticket, regionally, comes down to Californians or a D.C. swamp creature. And the rest of the country is being told by the Biden campaign to go to hell. That may prove to be a huge mistake. If Biden loses, dismissing regionalism as a strategy for gaining swing states, will be one of the major errors.

This is still the United States. For now.



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