81% of Black People Want More or the Same Amount of Police

Democrat politicians keep claiming that they're into defunding police because that's "what the community wants".

Their definition of "community" though are Black Lives Matter bigots of all races, and lefty activist groups, not what black people actually want.

The Gallup poll once again makes it abundantly clear that black people want the police to stay.

61% of black people want the police to spend the same amount of time in the area while 20% want more of a police presence.

That's contrasted with 71% of white people who want the same police presence and 17% who want of a more police presence.

That's 81% of black people in favor of the same amount of policing or more of it. Only 19% want less of a police presence.

There's no race, and no group that wants the police gone.

Unless the 'Wokes' are their own race now.


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